Courtesy of Broward County Historical Society


CE Farrington and Family arrived in Ft. Lauderdale.


CE Farrington instrumental in the creation of Broward County from parts of Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties.
Courtesy of Broward County Historical Society


William J. Kelley member of initial commission to establish 1st public hospital I Ft. Lauderdale and one year later Broward General Hospital first opened its doors

Courtesy of Broward County Historical Society


William William J. Kelley petitioned the Legislature to create a tax supported hospital district.
North Broward Hospital District now known as Broward Health, was established in 1951.

1994 - 1996

Tae Kelley Bronner, daughter of Rohan Kelley admitted to practice of law in Florida

Shane Kelley, son of Rohan Kelley admitted to practice of law in Florida



Our Family has practiced law in Florida

1913 – 2022


TThe Kelley Law Firm, P.L., is a boutique law firm that focuses its practice on matters involving wills, trusts, estates.  We are a family firm with four generations of lawyers who have been practicing in Fort Lauderdale and other parts of Florida for over one hundred years. Our lawyers and staff are friendly, informal, accessible, and dedicated to providing first class service to our clients. Whether it’s estate planning, probate administration, or trust litigation, The Kelley Law Firm, P.L. is here to help our clients succeed.
Since its founding at our current location in 1980, The Kelley Law Firm, P.L., has specialized in matters involving wills, trusts, and estates. This focus allows our attorneys to devote their full attention to this complex and everchanging area of law and provide the level of expertise we are known for.

Dedication to Service

Clients are not interested in legal theories, they are interested in solving problems, they do not want to know why not, they want to know how.”

James E Brill

Clients want lawyers who are concerned about their issues and who care about them. They want honest lawyers who have good reputations. They want prompt business like lawyers and somewhere after they get all of that, clients want lawyers who charge reasonable fees. Basically, the clients are more interested in the quality of their experience and of our service than they are in the price.

What is a quality law practice? A quality law practice means matching our services to the client’s expectations. The Kelley Law Firm delivers quality which provide value for the clients needs.

With that in mind, we must help our clients articulate their desires and expectations, ensure that those desires and expectations are realistic, and take prompt and appropiate action on the clients’ behalf.

The lawyers at The Kelley Law Firm are familiar with the well-settled principles of law. Every lawyer at the firm must exercise reasonable, professional judgement, through research, be technically skilled, organized, efficient and must delivere our services in a timely and costly manner with Integrity, Kindness, Honesty and Compassion.


Primary Practice Areas

Wills and Trusts

Your family is your legacy but your hard work is too. The Kelley Law Firm is here to ensure both are protected for your future. Learn More

Probate & Trust Administration

Probate Administration is the legal process that supervises this transfer of property and assets and ties up the affairs the decedent has left behind.. Learn More

Mediation & Arbitration

The Kelley Law Group provides neutrality, insight and invaluable experience as a certified mediator. Learn More

Estate Tax Planning

Often, it can seem like taxes follow you everywhere.  When you pass, your estate may be subject to taxes too, so making sure you have a solid estate plan that accounts for taxation is an important part of protecting and furthering your legacy… Learn More

Trust and Estate Litigation

At The Kelley Law Firm, P.L., we understand that most of our clients are not interested in litigation.  Coping with losing a loved one and dealing with the administration of their estate can be difficult and overwhelming, even in instances where a solid, strong estate plan is in place. … Learn More

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Rohan Kelley

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Erin Farrington Finlen

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Jorja M. Williams

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Primary Practices

We are dedicated to excellence and providing first-class services to ensure that your legacy continues on.
  • Wills and Trust
  • Probate
  • Mediation
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Trust and Estate Litigation

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